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sUAS Pilot // Aerial Camera Operator 

  • IATSE Local 600 Camera Operator

  • Over 8 years / 3,500 hrs flying experience 

  • 2021 Primetime Emmy Award Winner

  • FAA Part 107 Certified 

  • Night Waiver Compliant

  • Core Crew Member at FLYING MONSTER

  • Insured up to $10M

  • Over 100 IMDb Credits 

  • Film Degree from Penn State University



Operating the Latest

and Greatest Gear...

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Accountability + Performance

When operating aerial drones, safety is my top priority. Before we are able to capture any aerial footage, proper planning is required and discussed with the entire crew. Professional expertise and high safety standards contribute to my stellar track record of successful shoots.  Leading edge drone technology to capture the most stunning images for your cinema project. 

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